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Monday, October 11, 2021

How To: Easy Code Review in Oracle Apex #JoelKallmanDay

Oracle APEX

Oracle Apex is one of the best development tools available to make great, data driven apps quick & easy. The team at Oracle & the community are always coming out with new and amazing features. And now, starting with Oracle Apex 20.2, there is a great & easy way to perform code reviews.


In the Apex app builder > App > Utilities, you will find the new "Embedded Code" utility. With it you can view all your SQL, PL/SQL, and JavaScript within your app all in one place!

This is an amazing feature for a number of reasons, including:

  • It allows for better collaboration with a central place to easily review each others code
  • It also acts as a utility to export all the code within an app
  • Useful for security evals
  • And app development

And that last one is huge for me. Typically I will develop several pages at once, and build upon our code base across these pages. This means having multiple page editor windows open and always going back & forth. Now I only need the embedded code utility page and the current page I'm working on.

To top it all off, the utility also comes with great graphs/charts to easily view code statistics of your app.



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